Netrebko, Posner and Leps shared their memories of Hvorostovsky

Нетребко, Познер и Лепс поделились воспоминаниями о Хворостовском Opera singer dedicated the edition of the program “Let them talk”. Vladimir Pozner, Anna Netrebko, Yusif Eyvazov, and others gathered in the Studio to tell about the famous artist who died on 22 November in London.
Нетребко, Познер и Лепс поделились воспоминаниями о Хворостовском

On Monday in Moscow said goodbye to Dmitri Hvorostovsky. Friends and colleagues operatic baritone gathered in the Studio program “Let them talk”, to talk about the artist and his struggle with a serious illness.

In Moscow said goodbye to Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Anna Netrebko and her husband Yusif Eyvazov remembered what was Hvorostovsky. The couple gave an interview to Dmitry Shepelev in Milan.

“I’ve been to his concerts many times approached him for an autograph. Then I remember we were in new York, it was “War and peace”… He always helped, he is very friendly to his colleagues, especially to those who have not had a great experience. He never praised the fact that he didn’t like, could speak bluntly… He could change the words, even in the same “Eugene Onegin”, – said the famous singer.
Нетребко, Познер и Лепс поделились воспоминаниями о Хворостовском

Vladimir Posner, who was interviewing the famous artist and close friends with him, said that he always openly answered the questions and did not suffer stellar disease. The journalist compared Hvorostovsky and Feodor Chaliapin. Posner also admitted that he did not feel the disease Dmitry.

“He was a wonderful, almost ironic smile. He’s not posing as a great singer. You know, when I was very little my mother used to play the discs. I remember I was 6 or 7 years old, and I absolutely was amazed. Mom said it was Chaliapin. She said: “I guess it will never happen”. When I first heard it, I thought, “No, still will be.” Are strikingly similar. He was a Russian man – the breadth, strength, and mood swings. We were friends… it’s hard for Me to talk about it, it’s very personal. I know for sure that it will remain”, – said Vladimir Vladimirovich.
Нетребко, Познер и Лепс поделились воспоминаниями о Хворостовском

Grigory Leps joined the conversation in the Studio talk show. “For the average man you and Dmitri Hvorostovsky – different worlds,” said presenter Dmitry Borisov. The contractor agreed with him.

Нетребко, Познер и Лепс поделились воспоминаниями о Хворостовском“Dmitri Hvorostovsky was an outstanding singer and a very pleasant person to work with. We were introduced to Igor Yakovlevich Krutoy. That was 8 years ago, maybe a little more. (…) Then we had talked several times, always kind and nice. A week before he officially announced about the disease, we met at Sheremetyevo. Remember, he admitted that he often felt dizzy. I told a couple of funny stories, he also, we talked about life. I, unfortunately, have not met the great artist and outstanding singer. It is a loss not only for Russia but for the whole cultural world,” said Leps.
Нетребко, Познер и Лепс поделились воспоминаниями о Хворостовском

The singer added that he admired Hvorostovsky. “He breathed deeply. I think he went to it. I say this not just. Several times I was on the verge of having to leave – I returned the doctors and my mom. I was not ready to leave, I was really scared,” shared Leps.

Eyvazov and Netrebko learned about the disease Hvorostovsky from social networks. “The last time we saw each other at the concert at the Metropolitan Opera in may. Dima appeared there unexpectedly and made a splash,” said Anna. Then the whole room exploded with applause. “His diagnosis was known throughout the world. All followed the progress of his treatment. Nobody hid, it needs tremendous courage,” said Eyvazov.

Нетребко, Познер и Лепс поделились воспоминаниями о Хворостовском“He bravely fought with this disease. This is his real heroism is that he survived and went on stage, collecting all the forces under the storm of applause,” – says Netrebko.

Opera singer Dmitry Korchak first saw Dmitry in the 90s. He was amazed at how Hvorostovsky is able to work with the public. “In my opinion, he did the right thing by telling about their illness. As a straight man, he immediately expressed,” – says the artist.

Lyudmila Porgina told about how attended a concert Hvorostovsky husband Nikolay Karachentsovu. “Now he, too, was faced with a similar problem. Then he said, “Yes, he’s not here! It needs to be on the world field.” It had so much power and energy, so, you know, the genius. It was like a lot of open space. When you are sick, I look at stake, you know you carry the explosive charge. But how can you abandon life? We went to chemo on battle. We put on our best shirts, was heavily disguised, I got a new haircut…”

“I do not hide the disease If. Before the first chemo he said, “I fear looking into the future.” I said, “And I with a great. But if the two of us, we have nothing to fear”, – said Lyudmila Andreevna.