Netizens have spoken out against the assumption after her “million dollar Secret”

Пользователи Сети высказались против Успенской после ее «Секрета на миллион»

Lubov Uspenskaya was the first in the history of the program “million dollar Secret” a party who told the truth about myself. The Queen of domestic chanson revealed all its secrets, including the answer to the final question, which previously had avoided all the heroes of previous esters.

So, Love admitted that at the age of 15 she was forced to go to underground criminal abortion because she was pregnant from a man who was much older than her. Besides that, no one knew. Assumption had a chance to experience the pain of damnation, because the operation was performed without anesthesia at home have a midwife.

In spite of such difficult recognition, not all the spectators received it positively.

Many netizens after the program, the air began to criticize the singer, noting that she herself was to blame for their troubles and now simply has no right to complain.

Some wrote that these revelations are not worth a million, Love for them: “With grimaces told a banal story, but still I made a million on the chicken from Paris for his beloved dog”, “I Watched today, one and a half million fuck…in children on the operations of the pennies collected. The world turned upside down!”, “To not throwing stones, it is not necessary to inform the world about such details of his personal life. And expose himself as a character, like God a lot in her”, “why do we need to know. This is necessary to hide from the people ,and not to tell the whole world. Found a story to tell”, “Well, why would we want to know about the criminal abortion zvezdolety? Thirty years concealed from her fourth husband is a disgrace, but as soon as the seventh of ten years loomed on the horizon free million, without a twinge of conscience went to people to shake their dirty Laundry,” said the audience.

By the way, there were those who did not like the demonstration of a life of luxury assumption: “he Showed it when his house — he lives obscenely rich, only because of the beloved dog changed big bed her twice…Why not transfer the money to any Russian a sick child?”.