Netizens do not believe in the authenticity of Beyonce’s pregnancy

Пользователи Сети не верят в подлинность беременности Бейонсе

Since the birth of first child, Beyonce and Jay Z baby blue ivy last five years (the girl was born in January 2012). Childbirth was classified as “secret”. Beyonce by registering in the hospital under the name Ingrid Jackson allegedly gave birth to a girl yourself. Despite the fact that nine months, the singer went with the stomach, which increased according to the period, many were sure that the pregnancy Bee mimics, and the child actually carries the surrogate mother. The reason for speculation on this topic was the video, which shows how a pregnant belly artist unnatural “happened” when she sat in a chair.

Now the situation is repeated.

Пользователи Сети не верят в подлинность беременности Бейонсе

Netizens don’t believe that beyoncé really pregnant. The public is troubled by the fact that back in November at a concert in support of Hillary Clinton, Beyonce looked slender, and already on February 1, the singer posted the picture with a fairly big belly. That prompted fans to think that the pregnancy of the Queen Bee again decided to circle around your finger.

We doubt that this is true. On the published photo shoot Beyonce looks really pregnant. Perhaps, in order to finally get pregnant, the singer resorted to in vitro fertilization. But it’s not a crime…it is Better to just be happy for the Carter family!

Meanwhile, the through which Beyonce announced her pregnancy gained more than 10 million likes and become the most popular in the history of the social network.