Netizens called Timothy killer

Пользователи Сети обозвали Тимати убийцей

At the end of September, the solemn opening of the Burger, which is owned by Timothy. The school was called Blackstar Burger. Guests Burger joint offers unusual in appearance burgers (black), distinctive feature of which is the filling.

As mentioned earlier, Timothy, for burgers, he decided to use only first-class meat grown in Russia. While some ran happily on the New Arbat wanting to taste the bun with a chop, others have named Timothy a brutal killer.

It happened at the artist’s page in Instagram. In his microblog Timati has published a picture taken at the Voronezh factory, which depicts a hanging beef carcass, and wrote: “Take a week’s supply of beef for @blackstarburger”. Subscribers were outraged by this post and began to write the rapper: “ugh, you’re a murderer!” “It’s cruel!” “After this photo I stop eating meat!”

It is important to note that the feelings of the animal Timati taken care of in advance. Because left a comment: “”For the faint of heart: remember, a good steak doesn’t grow on tree”.