Netizens are impressed with the video with Alla Pugacheva in the bathroom

Пользователи Сети восхищены роликом с Аллой Пугачевой в ванной Viewers saw the Diva at home. Alla Pugacheva was basking in the foam front of the audience. People’s artist participated in the filming of the next series of a new project her husband Maxim Galkin.

      Пользователи Сети восхищены роликом с Аллой Пугачевой в ванной

      Alla Pugacheva fans of bold striking images. Now Diva is not ashamed to stand in front of an audience naked in the bathroom of his own castle. The singer with delight, basking in the soft foam. Fans were delighted from the look of a 67-year-old celebrity.

      “Alla as always, surprise! Such a beautiful, over the years, more and more prettier!”, “Fine,” “Alla God bless your family,” spared no compliments fans Pugacheva.

      However, photos of Alla Pugacheva was filming the next series of the show your spouse Maxim Galkin “Maximmaxim”. For the success of the program the beloved husband of the prima Donna did not hesitate to stand in the bathroom of his castle in the village of Mud.

      Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin has put forward the ultimatum

      Two weeks ago, the First channel presented to the audience the new author’s project of the famous humorist. The public has received with enthusiasm the program Galkin, and felt that the issues was very witty, sparkling, in the usual Maxim style.

      Alla supports the spouse in creating the transfer. People’s artist ever since the first series gave a farewell to her husband. Filming the first movie she kept the tape, charged with ammunition for the old gun “Maxim”. “One Maxim — good, two — better. Come on, charge!” – spoke parting words wife.

      Video posted by ALLA PUGACHEVA PHOTOS & VIDEOS (@allaprimadonna) Jun 1 2016 4:05 PDT

      Maxim Galkin takes copyright program in his castle, so very often appear in the transfer of his household – a spouse and children. The star couple were playing to the audience show a scene of family life.

      Alla Pugacheva supported the beloved husband

      “Alla, why do you have so much cabbage” – asked the wife of Maxim Galkin. “You on the other think the cabbage to the house, it was, – strictly answered Alla Pugacheva, showing a characteristic gesture with his fingers. And if you have something does not work in this show, then you’re dead!” At these words the wife of Maxim Galkin defiantly loud cover, boiling on the stove the pan. “Suddenly…” – uttered Galkin. “Yes, the end needs to be unexpected. You started the show, and I finish it”, – concluded Alla.

      Project Maxim Galkin shows parody of stellar colleagues who have an accurate and very funny. In the transmission there is even a section of the former spouse Diva Philip Kirkorov. Suddenly, all viewers of the king of the pop scene teaches the audience how best to deal with difficult economic situation. “Surviving the crisis with Philip Kirkorov” in a joking manner tells how to keep the house clean.

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