Нервный срыв спас звезду Беверли-Хиллз 90210 от тюрьмы
Tori spelling managed to avoid hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital.

Нервный срыв спас звезду Беверли-Хиллз 90210 от тюрьмы

Tori Spelling


The last couple of years
44-year-old tori spelling, famous for her performance as Donna in the series
Beverly hills 90210, constantly followed by trouble, both financial and
of a personal nature. The last of them — happened a few days after the incident involving the police and doctors

As reported, this
the story began with the tories in the night call 911. The actress said that
someone was breaking into her house. However, when the house tori arrived the patrol turned out
what the call was about. Noise, scared spelling, made only her husband and the father of the children of the actress — DIN
McDermott, who returned home from a party late at night. Early in the morning of
home tori called again. This time, the caller did not introduce himself, but declared,
what is tori’s acting weird and aggressive and suggested that
Spelling, at least, a nervous breakdown. And may have started a serious mental
disease. Tori examined the doctors who have arrived on a call to her house
not become her to be hospitalized.

So far
the only result of the incident in the house of the actress is a decision to postpone indefinitely the court
in her case. Recall: in 2016, the famous Bank opened
a lawsuit against her, demanding the return of 87-odd thousand dollars that was owed to the family
actress. And soon another Bank started to plead with tori, intending to charge her a loan of 400 thousand dollars
taken by the actress for which she stopped payment of interest. In the near future
time was scheduled for hearing in the matter of spelling, which is unlikely
would end for her something good. Friends of the actress say that she
virtually insolvent. And, if so, in that case
Tori runs the risk of ending up in prison. But now she at least got
delay and has the ability to try to patch things up.

Tori spelling with her husband and children