Бена Аффлека нервируют расспросы о «Бэтмене»

In the last few years, Ben Affleck often mentioned in the context of his family problems, not career achievements. It is fair to say that inaproprite he just is not very successful. Projects that removed or shot Ben, the public does not favor, calling them boring and predictable.

In October next year on the big screen comes a new film starring Affleck. Whether because of popularity now comic book adaptations, whether due to the popularity of the character, played by Ben Batman – this premiere waiting for millions.

Meanwhile, the actor admits that his already rather tired of questions about the future of “the Batman.”

“Oh my God, it’s just a pain in the ass, said Ben Affleck in an interview. Every time I mention the Batman comes these seemingly sensational headlines. While I was filming “Law night”, and it took me two years, no one asked, “where’s “Law night”?” Instead, say “Batman”, “Batman” Batman!”.

Calming down a bit Ben added that the film will certainly be released and promises to be very successful: “Batman will be here soon, and it will be wonderful. We will show something special. And we need time to process everything happened as it should. You’ve got a good movie that will surely appeal to fans.”