Племянники Майкла Джексона требуют от Radar Online $100 млн за клевету

For any word that has no evidence, journalists will have to incur the answer. Nephew of Michael Jackson has filed a lawsuit against the Internet portal to Radar Online , accusing him of defamation and unjustified mention of the names of the Jackson family in the context of cases involving sexual violence. “Radar was trying to extract benefits for themselves by posting cruel and ruthless attacks on Jackson and calling him guilty of sexual violence — despite the fact that he was acquitted many years ago,” says the lawsuit, which also States the amount of compensation that needs to recover a nephew of the king of pop with the publication.

We are talking about 100 million dollars.

Note that the perturbation of the Jackson family were aroused by the article published in June, to which was attached a supposedly real police report, which stated that Michael’s home was discovered child pornography. Supposedly at the ranch “Neverland” stored video, pictures of naked boys and girls, including nephews, Michael and a great number of medical prescriptions issued by different doctors for different friends of Jackson.

It is noted that in addition to all of the above from the king of pop had “a disgusting and shocking pictures of child torture” and pictures of sadomasochistic content. As reported by one of the police officers who participated in the trial of Jackson, found the photos were some of the children held on charges of child molestation.

Later, all these allegations were found to be untrue.

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