Nephew scoffed at Katherine Jackson years

Племянник издевался над Кэтрин Джексон годами

From the court documents leaked to the editors of RadarOnline has learned that the mother of Michael Jackson Katherine, who recently demanded to ban her nephew Trent Jackson to approach her closer than a hundred feet, suffered from the antics of a young man for many years.

The journalists managed to contact the 86-year-old mother of a musical family, and she told them that she is now in the UK, where treated from the result of the influence of his relative.
“I am now in London under the supervision of doctors. I recommend the peace and quiet of the situation, which put me in Trenton. I’m sure I made the right decision when he asked the court to forbid him to approach me. So I was safe from further pain and humiliation.
Before you go to court many times I have asked Trenton to stay away from me. I don’t want to go back to Los Angeles because I know – n will still try to take me out on contact and would manipulate my emotions, make a change. He has already many times so did” — said Catherine.
Trent sticks his nose in the Affairs of aunt since her son Michael Jackson was found dead in 2009.
“I’m afraid of Trent for many reasons. From the moment he became free to come to our house, it was impossible to get rid of. He made a copy of the key from my bedroom, he installed hidden cameras and bugs around the house, began to listen to calls. He tries to isolate me from my kids to get into my business even deeper, and he threatened physical harm to me, my children and my grandchildren” — said Mrs. Jackson.
Happened with Trent and another scandalous case, which will now also investigate. He asked to put his Manager on the family’s charitable Foundation, but after one of the events was that all the money disappeared from the accounts.
Family members and friends of the family confirm the words of Catherine, and was surprised that she had not tried to get rid of annoying nephew of the swindler. So, the son of Katherine and Jermaine told about the incident that occurred with him and his cousin. He said that Trent hit him, sister “threw a wall” and his son was hit in the jaw. Himself Jermain counted 40тысяч dollars that cousin was a tyrant, stole from the family, but the amount can be much greater. Daughter Katherine Rebbie also said that she finally feels strong enough to repel the Trent and end the violence.