Нео возвращается!
Keanu Reeves has announced shooting new parts of the iconic “the Matrix”.

Frame from the movie “the Matrix”

Keanu Reeves brought
fans of the trilogy “the Matrix” in incredible ecstasy! The actor said that
the foreseeable future will begin shooting the continuation of the cult film. According to
Keanu for directing films, which this time will be shot using 3D, will once again take Lana and Lilly

However, this is good
news from Reeves is not over. The actor said that the shooting is not being discussed
one, but two sequels to “the Matrix”. In addition, he said that, in
as a consultant for the upcoming films by the legendary James Cameron,
who first used the revolutionary technique of shooting “Avatar”. However, to
chagrin of fans, the exact date of the start of filming Keanu he could not. Reeves
admitted that while working on a sequel to “the Matrix” is under
discussion. But looduseuurijate fans who were waiting for this news for 13 years, it seems,
willing to wait another couple of years.

Incidentally, in General
the complexity of the trilogy “the Matrix” gathered in theaters around the world more than 1.5 billion
dollars. And the main character of the films
Neo, still takes place in the hundred best movie characters in history

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