Nemtsov’s daughter found out about his “relationship” with Kirkorov

Дочь Немцова узнала о его «родстве» с Киркоровым Philip Bedrosovich told the heiress of the policy history of the past. Dean Nemtsov and the king of Russian show-business were among the guests of the anniversary of Central Department store. October 26 one of the most popular shops of Moscow celebrated an important anniversary.
Дочь Немцова узнала о его «родстве» с Киркоровым

On Thursday in Moscow hosted a private party on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the Central Department store. The event gathered many representatives of the capital’s elite and stars of show business, including Philip Kirkorov, Ksenia Sobchak, Yana Rudkovskaya, Andrei Malakhov, Orbakajte, Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenov, Igor Chapurin, Elena Perminova, Ilona Stolie, Natalia Davydova, gosh Rubchinskiy, Alice Khazanov, Ekaterina Odintsova, Karina Dobrotvorskaya and others.

The guests tasted the dishes prepared by team of chefs. On the table adorned with oysters and caviar, as well as dishes from the Kamchatka crab and far Eastern salmon. For dessert was cooked exquisitely decorated cake “Napoleon”.

Secular audience shared their photos taken in a memorable day in social networks. Talking about what happened on the anniversary of one of the most popular shops of Moscow, Ekaterina Odintsova, the former wife of Boris Nemtsov and the owner of the PR Agency, shared an interesting story. It turns out that Alla was comparing a policy with a famous singer.

“Philip told Dinah (daughter of Madame Odintsov and Nemtsov – Approx.) Alla told him how much he looks like Nemtsov. Though outwardly very similar, it’s amazing” – shared Catherine in one of the social networks.

Subscribers Madame Odintsov found that a man do something like Nemtsov. At the same time, some found no similarities in appearance of Philip Bedrosovich and Boris Nemtsov. Catherine talked about the fact that a politician with a sense of humor attitude toward these statements.

“Boris, he joked on the birthday of Alla Borisovny in 1997,” said Odintsova.

Catherine shared the link to the archived video made at the concert “Surprise for Alla”. Then Boris Nemtsov took the stage to congratulate the Diva. “Dear Alla! It’s time to confess your love. Unfortunately, you love Philip,” asked the Germans to Pugacheva.

“By the way, Philip must be grateful. You are a young man was very like him. Superstar Boris Nemtsov!” – said Alla.

Speaking about his relationship with the Diva, the Germans remembered the incident during a concert. “Alla Borisovna asked me to go on stage. When I got up, Alla said, “Philip, now you know why I sleep with you? Because I vaguely resemble Nemtsov,” – said Nemtsov few years ago.