Nelly Yermolayeva received as a gift a chic SUV

Нелли Ермолаева получила в подарок шикарный внедорожник The star of “House-2” a happy present from a loved one. Nelly Ermolaeva in awe of the luxurious surprise her fiancé Cyril Andreev. Tomorrow TV presenter celebrates birthday and fans are wondering whether it was really a gift for the upcoming celebration or loved just decided to please the beloved.

      Нелли Ермолаева получила в подарок шикарный внедорожник

      Fans of the popular presenter and former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Nelly Ermolaeva look forward to, when will be her wedding with her lover Kirill Andreev. Until she announces the date of celebration, although in one interview admitted that they have already chosen when you go down the aisle with her chosen one. But until before the wedding the groom Ermolaeva gives her a gorgeous gifts. This time he gave his beloved a real surprise – gave Nellie a luxury SUV luxury.

      “I have no words. I’m in shock! A surprise in the morning. Thank you, dear, for such a gorgeous gift,” – said the former participant of the reality show microblog. She published a video where the groom gave Ermolaevo a large bouquet of dark red roses and was waiting for her car, decorated with pink bow. A fabulous atmosphere was created life sized puppet polar bear, with a bunch of balloons, which were hugged TV presenter.

      Video posted by Nelly Ermolaeva (@ermolaevanelly) May 12 2016 3:11 PDT

      Nellie was delighted by the unexpected gift, but most of all she was amazed how Cyril was able to organize everything. “He was preparing all day yesterday. This I now understand. Was constantly on the phone and was hiding something from me. He knows that I love surprises. That was unexpected. Thank you” – emotionally reacted Ermolaeva on the act of the beloved.

      Fans were able to share the joy of Nelly and in one voice claimed that the TV presenter worthy of such a gorgeous gift. “Nelly, you are blessed for such a caring man! After the first bad experience you just earned, that number was such a person! Who loves you truly!”, “10 again redefined here with a smile on my face! It’s cool! Cyril just a man’s dream! Nellie, you lucky girl! Look at you and rejoice. Wish you happiness and endless love!”, “Wow, how romantic! I wish all men were” – he responded to the subscribers.

      It is worth saying that the presenter will tomorrow celebrate his birthday. Now fans wonder, was this gorgeous surprise gift for the upcoming holiday or the groom decided to make favorite nice just like that, without any reason.

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