Nelly Uvarova went back to work three weeks after giving birth

Нелли Уварова вернулась к работе через три недели после родов The actress took part in a new television project. While working on TV series “Adaptation” coincided with the pregnancy of a celebrity. When Uvarov gave birth to an heir, she was planning to return from maternity leave in two months, but she had to do it much earlier.

      Нелли Уварова вернулась к работе через три недели после родов

      Nelly Uvarova is a popular actress. Star “be Not born beautiful” plays at the theater, and also starred in the TV series. She has planned many projects, which woman does not want to give up. As it turned out, after Nelly gave birth to Ignatius, she would sit in the decree. For a phone actress has had some calls with the request to return to work. And indeed Nellie, in her words, could not without acting.

      Uvarov says that it’s vital to spend some time outside of your apartment, because it is useful to switch to different objects.

      “Work helps me to feel the urgency of life, to stay sane. Sitting at home, you are completely “dissolved” in children and lose contact with the outside world. Our life requires making speedy decisions, fast, clear and concerted action,” – says the actress.

      That’s why she returned to work just three weeks after the birth of a son, and went to rehearsal at the theater. However, in the movie, the woman is not in a hurry to return.

      “I have plans to go back to shooting until the summer. Now we receive many offers from filmmakers, but I do hold myself. Plus I need to return to the previous form, and this applies not only my profession, but also the internal state” – said a celebrity.
      Нелли Уварова вернулась к работе через три недели после родов

      Uvarov admits that it is extremely difficult to cope with a newborn Ignatius and five-year-old daughter, Yea. However, she is not afraid of difficulties. In her memory still alive memories of when I had to give up your career for the sake of raising their first child. By the way, Nelly is not going to despair, if now I have to do the same. For celebrities the most important is the happiness of her children.

      “Now we are all uneasy. When the family was Ignatius, the degree is significantly increased, the eldest daughter began to demand more attention. I understand that this is a temporary phenomenon, and soon she will be passionate about the care of a younger brother as well as we do,” said the artist.

      Uvarov added that they cope with the problems of the entire family. Most help the woman have her mom and husband Alexander Grishin. Of course, the woman is always difficult given the decision to leave heirs with Sasha, because she is what stress can experience men alone with small children.

      “I usually leave the baby with dad no more than three hours. No, son, I’m not worried – more worried about the wife because he’s too responsible to be a parent. I don’t abuse the help of her husband,” – said Uvarov in an interview