Nelly Uvarova was seriously injured at work

Нелли Уварова серьезно пострадала на работе The actress was injured after falling from the stage during the performance “rules of conduct in modern society”. Uvarov safely played my part, but after the end of the play she needed the help of doctors.

      Нелли Уварова серьезно пострадала на работе

      Nelly Uvarova, known to viewers from TV series “Not born beautiful”, played a major role in the monoperformance “rules of conduct in modern society” based on the play by Jean-Luc Lagarce. During a speech in Salekhard, where the festival of theatre arts, star injured his foot. She did not see in the dark stairs and fell from the stage. The play is not interrupted, the actress played until the end and even managed to get in one of the scenes on Pointe.

      After the completion of the play her colleagues had to call an ambulance to the actress. Doctors diagnosed Uvarova severe bruising. But fracture at the stars no.

      A spokesman for the star has assured me that nothing serious happened, “Nelly Uvarova received a slight injury. After the performance of safety precaution we called the ambulance, the actress was diagnosed with a slight bruise. Hospitalization is not needed, at the moment, the actress has already flown to Moscow.” The same information is confirmed in the government of the district, stressing that, despite the pain, Nelly well finish the show until the end.

      In the play “the rules of conduct in modern society” Nellie played several roles: bridesmaid, friend of the groom, mother and priest. The actress manages masterfully to transform from one character to another. The music, written by Jean-Luc Lagaron, intended to ridicule the petty-bourgeois Outlook of people, as the only goal of the layman is to meet the expectations of their friends. Before the audience goes through a life that is based on universally accepted norms, unwritten laws necessary actions.

      Fame Nelly Uvarova brought the main role in the series “Not born beautiful”. The actress recalled that the euphoria of such dizzying success, she did not feel, but after shooting ended, continued to play on stage of the Russian Youth theatre.

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