Нелли Ермолаева стала крестной мамой Honorable duty on the lead and ex-participant reality show “House-2” laid her friend Maria. To participate in the ceremony, Nelly came to his small home in Samara oblast. In recognition Ermolayeva, she is very happy to become a second mother to adorable little girl named Dasha.

      TV presenter and former participant of “House-2” the other day I went to his native Samara, where was the christening adorable daughter of her friend Mary. Nelly Ermolaeva became the second mother for a little Dashi. According to celebrity, she is very happy because she was entrusted with new responsibilities. Yermolayev also expressed the hope that it will not fail your friend.

      “Today is a very bright and mysterious day. I became a godmother Dasha. Will always be there, I will pray every day and be the best godmother. Thank you very much for trusting me with such a status, I will not fail! I’m happy”, — said Ermolaev in his microblog.

      And immediately after the ceremony Nelly posted another photo from that momentous day for her. “Dashenka. Don’t look at my expression, I get carsick. Today we are all intermarried,” said the celebrity.

      Subscribers Nellie congratulated her with the new role and wished the baby every success. “Health and happiness, Dasha, and you too”, “well Done, Nelly! Very sincerely said, “Congratulations!”, — they expressed their opinion in the comments of the post leading.

      For the first time about her new role Ermolaeva wrote a few days ago. I will be soon in Samara. Not just for parents and families. And I will be the godmother of my favorite Mary. Dashulechka love, she’s such a sweet girl. A very important and exciting for me stage in life,” shared the star in social networks.

      Samara met Yermolaev rain. However, the bad weather did not spoil the mood of a celebrity, although she suggested that this happened because of the action of Murphy’s law. After arriving in his native land Nelly celebrated the birthday of a childhood friend, which knows about 16 years. “We’ve been through, our company is immortal,” — said in Instagram leading.

      By the way, two months ago, Nelly Ermolaeva married the son of a millionaire Kirill Andreev. The celebration took place in one of the capital’s schools on the banks of the Moscow river. A big ceremony the newlyweds at a cost of 20 million rubles, it was made by artists such as Nikolay Baskov, Cornelia Mango and Tatiana Tereshina. A month later after the marriage, the lovers went to Mallorca. Nelly Ermolaeva spent on the wedding 20 million

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