Nelly Ermolaeva went to give birth abroad

Нелли Ермолаева уехала рожать за границу Star wants the first-born was born in Miami. Nelly Ermolaeva announced his decision on Instagram. A young woman and her husband will stay in the US for a few months, all this time, the expectant mother is planning to devote to the preparation for childbirth.

Nelly Ermolaeva and her husband Kirill Andreev will soon become parents for the first time. The couple tried for several months to decide where should be born of their baby. In the end, they moved to Sunny Miami. That’s where TV presenter and her partner found the right clinic that meets their high requirements.
Nelly hastened to tell about the decision on Instagram. She promised that she will share with fans the experiences and all the important details.

“Fly to the most important meeting in our life. I can’t believe it, but on the other hand I can’t wait to hear the first cry, when you kiss my heels. write and tears welling. We will carry out a reportage on our lives. And later tell you all the details of why we chose to birth that is Miami,” said Ermolaeva.

“The only thing that I need is to relax and enjoy the flight. Husband, kid and me thought of a great future do not go out of my head. Buckle up, we are waiting for a fascinating journey in three months,” wrote the presenter.

Now the star is on the last months of pregnancy. She noted that he had consulted with the best doctors-midwives, which allowed her to fly for long distances at a later time.
Nelly is confident that the preparation and the act itself will be great, and soon she would be able to meet with a newborn baby. Of course, the husband of TV presenter Kirill Andreev for their support and accompanies her everywhere.
Fans wished Ermolaeva health and good luck. “Nellie, easy birth you. Very soon your life will change dramatically”, “How lucky you are in America good medicine,” “I also flew in the last stages of pregnancy, and nothing bad happened” – opinions of fans of the stars.
Nelly herself never tires of pointing out that she is incredibly happy. A young woman long thought about becoming a mother and then, finally, it happened.

Recall that the rumors about the interesting position of Nellie went a long time, but the young woman refused to back it. She shared the joy with fans only a few months ago. Since Instagram Ermolaeva increasingly touching family photos that show her rounded tummy.

Despite the pregnancy, businesswoman did not slow down in the work. She was actively engaged in business, participated in photo shoots and creative meetings. Fans are sure that Nellie will not linger in the decree and shortly after birth will begin to delight their new projects.

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