Nelly Ermolaeva wasting money in the casino

Нелли Ермолаева спускает деньги в казино The presenter comes off in Sochi. Nelly Ermolaeva went to the resort after a business trip. Now she’s resting with her husband and a friend. The celebrity is happy that she had the opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

      Presenter Nelly Ermolaeva with pleasure takes part in various projects. However, the spouse girls, Kirill Andreev ensures that his fiancee had time to relax. He regularly arranges favourite surprise buys tickets to different countries of the world and takes his wife to rest.

      Nelly only recently returned from a working trip to Ufa. However, in Moscow it managed to stay very long – the next day on arrival she went to a ski resort in Sochi, to spend three days away from the city. Together with the married couple went on a journey and the girlfriend of TV presenter Maria. Apparently, the company is having a great time on vacation. Nelly Ermolaeva describes in detail how they spend their vacation. She decided to go to try their luck in the casino. As it turned out, gambling liking of the presenter, her husband and friend.

      “Happy to madness! I’m so glad I have such a wonderful friend. By the way, I today for the first time in my life in a casino. I can say this: addictive, exciting, interesting! And most importantly “beginners luck,” wrote Maria in a microblog.

      Nellie, Cyril and Mary enjoy spending time together – they also went to the shooting range to check accuracy. It turned out that the friend Nelly was able to fully show their skills – as a result she won over four thousand.

      Fans are happy watching how the rest celebrity. They are happy that they nally found an opportunity to escape from the bustle of the capital and even in a few days to be alone with your loved ones. “What hotel? These types of super,” “In Sochi dark nights”, “I was there. So cool”, “Nellie, you are just great!” wrote fans of the presenter.

      Yermolayev also took the opportunity to climb the “rose Peak”. However, until the girl began to ski or snowboard. Apparently, she and her husband decided to just admire the view from a height of over two thousand meters. Fans admire the skill of Nellie wife of Cyril to surprise her. The TV presenter admitted “StarHit” that her husband is throwing her a surprise. Nelly Ermolaeva: “I Hope to give birth to twins!”

      “I believe that after the wedding the way we look at relationships. They are not so when you just meet. I don’t understand those who live together for ten years and not painted. It seems like nothing will change with a stamp in the passport, but, in my opinion, the human brain is programmed so that people need to create a family, it is inherent in us genetically. And yet – I am very healthy, but now I can relax knowing that beside me is my husband. It can solve the problem, to help with some Affairs”,- told “StarHit”.