Нелли Ермолаева пытается вернуть форму после родов Young mom have got rid of seven pounds, and for the first five days after the birth of her son. As recognized by Nelly Ermolaeva on his page in Instagram, it quickly and easily lose recruited during pregnancy weight.

TV presenter, former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Nelly Yermolayeva became a mother in early February. Her son Myron was born in America, where she left a few months before the birth, together with her husband Kirill Andreev. Nellie plans to stay overseas for a while, she really likes the climate, besides the fresh sea air and warm sun of Florida useful newborn baby, says Yermolayev. Despite the fact that Myron just two weeks, his mother leads an active lifestyle. Spends a lot of time at the ocean, gives interviews and, of course, is his page in Instagram. Nelly share with your followers the news every day.

So, a young mother told me that during the pregnancy gained 17 pounds, but is not worried about this, because the extra goes easily and quickly. Already in the first five days after birth, as written by Nelly, she took off seven kilos. To quickly return to a familiar slender figure, Ermolaeva excluded from your diet harmful carbohydrates, bread and dessert.

“Small steps… begin to drop… My ideal weight 55-56 kg height 170. Of course, I gained a lot of pregnancy +17 kg (but it was a lot of water). It’s a man! After delivery (5 days) threw 7 kg! While of course still up to my usual form far away, but I’m trying very. Rule out all sweet, and the bread is my favorite, berries, flour products! Eat fish, not fatty meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products. While in this mode and see how every day Ty,” wrote Nelli Ermolaeva.

Most of the subscribers Nellie supported. “Calm down, everything will be gone! Believe me, four gave birth! Everything will be perfect, just make some circles with a stroller and a positive, you’re a hottie, and you’re OK!” “You look great, well done. Inspiring!”, “Nelly, with your power you and after the third child will be slim!” – wrote followers Ermolaeva. But there were some Internet users who have criticized because they believe such photos are too intimate. However, Nelly still: “I share my experience and talk to the girls” she replied to the criticism.

By the way on the evening of February 23, she shared a touching photo of their favorite men – her husband and baby-son in her arms.

Ermolaeva writes that motherhood has changed her Outlook, she is sincere sorry he hadn’t had a baby before, and all advised not to postpone happiness on the back burner: “I want to say to all the girls who put your mother’s life for “the soil underfoot”. You are greatly mistaken! Don’t lose precious time! This is the best time. And the rest will come,” advises Nellie.