Nelly Ermolaeva risking his life for show

Нелли Ермолаева рискует жизнью ради шоу TV presenter decided on a desperate step. Nelly Ermolaeva were able to overcome their fears and challenge yourself in unexpected situations. Celebrity long had doubts about the participation in the project, but the thirst for new experiences caused her to change her mind.

      Нелли Ермолаева рискует жизнью ради шоу

      The leading music channel Nelli Ermolaeva became the heroine of the provocative reality show, “Integrity”. Along with other Internet stars she refused glamorous lifestyle. She moved to a modest apartment on the outskirts of town and worked a regular job.

      Behind the scenes of the program has remained the history of volunteering Ermolayeva in the circus of Zapashny brothers. The girl had to step in a cage with a tiger. With shaking hands the girl put things in order, while the Askold Zapashny kept the animal only a meter from Nellie. However, after harvesting, the artist offered the girl an even more difficult challenge – to feed the predator right out of hand. After some hesitation Nelly still managed to overcome fear and to do the job.

      “When we came to the circus, I thought I’d offer to change into a nice suit and learn some tricks. But I was led to a cage with a tiger – all meat, axes. And I’m really afraid of wild animals, it makes me feel very panic. I realized that I must seem strong. Entered a tiger’s cage to clean it, and then feed him. However, he warned that it is necessary to remove fingers when I give them meat. My whole life flew before my eyes! Snarling, he grabbed a piece. I have a white veil before the eyes. But then came the realization that is not such a wuss, just did it,” Nelly shared impressions with “StarHit”.
      Нелли Ермолаева рискует жизнью ради шоу

      Nelly Ermolaeva also had to learn the profession vendor in the market. The job was really hard for her. In the first half an hour, Nelly realized that this job is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Although it is smartly luring the customers, the owner of the store still appeared to be dissatisfied with little profit.

      “I had to sell clothes – tights, socks, hats. But did not say where it is, how much it is worth. Called the amount of revenue that I have to take and the phrase that the customer is always right. I started shouting, “Sale, come on.” Grandma was asking about socks, and the fines it collects. I couldn’t bear to watch it, given what she needed, for a pittance. Was ready to pay as needed, says Yermolayev. And there was another customer who, in my opinion, was just teasing me. Asked a lot of questions, cried, argued, begged for a discount. It’s gotten me. Came to help one customer, which began to shame him. In General, was forced to expel him, for which I was reprimanded. Nervous then. However, I found a common language with everyone, I even said thanks for human interaction”.

      In addition to Nelly Ermolaeva, in the TV show take part Eugene Feofilaktova, Anna Kalashnikov, and others. New project “Integramedica” kicks off the sixth of February at 21.00 on the TV channel “Friday!”.