Nelly Ermolaeva responded to congratulations with the pregnancy

Нелли Ермолаева отреагировала на поздравления с беременностью The TV presenter is a suspect in the imminent addition to the family. Nelly Ermolaeva used to share the joyful event of his life. Recently she started to focus less on social media and said that he had become sentimental.
Нелли Ермолаева отреагировала на поздравления с беременностью

Last year TV presenter Nelli Ermolaeva threw a great wedding party for relatives and friends. However, in reality she registered relationship with the elect Kirill Andreev for six months before that in November 2015, but did not make the event public. Fans look forward to when the couple has children. They stare at each picture of a movie star in order to consider any change in her figure. The last time Nelly intriguing followers ambiguous arguments and publications in the microblog. Not so long ago she advertised facilities for pregnant women. “Pleasure always comes unexpectedly,” wrote Ermolaeva in the social network.

Fans came to the conclusion that soon the TV will be the first time mother and began to congratulate her with such a happy event. “StarHit” contacted Nellie, to see if her followers touch with reality.

“I haven’t commented on the situation, – said Ermolaev. Let them congratulate. Of course, I, like any girl, I dream about the baby.”

Despite the fact that usually the presenter is very open with the fans and does not recognize the common phrase “happiness loves silence”, the last time she was not often so Frank with the followers and confessed to the changes.

“So I became sentimental. Do not want to write, take pictures, answer calls. Don’t worry, I have everything more than perfect. I’m very happy and I want to hide in your shell. A lot of thoughts and ideas accumulated that I write down and I promise to tell you later”, – said Ermolaev.

Nelly was told that sure the wife and not against to give birth to children. Nelly Ermolaeva preparing for the role of mother

“Usually girls dream of daughters, but I so want a son. And Cyril, too. Actually, ideally, I’d like twins. Kiril found that he had, and in my family were born twins. We thought – and may well coincide, and we will have twins? And if you are born a boy and a girl – that would be wonderful” – shared thoughts of Nelly.