Нелли Ермолаева принимает поздравления с беременностью The presenter hinted that she was pregnant. Nelly Ermolaeva exploring the range of shops of children’s furniture with the nicety of the expectant mother. Knowledgeable fans of the former participant “Houses-2” the claim that it is in an interesting position.

      One of the most striking ex-participants of the project “Dom-2”, TV presenter and fashion designer Nelli Ermolaeva, last summer, married, have provoked discussions about pregnancy. Nelly Ermolaeva staged lavish wedding: live report from the celebration

      The star posted on Twitter a lovely video that consists of successive pictures taken in shop of children’s furniture. Background for pictures has become a popular song performed by singer Danko “Your baby”.

      Video Nelly accompanied by an extensive commentary on expectant mothers, where she spoke about one of attracted to her cot for a child.

      “Today I have been in Paradise. So many beautiful furniture for kids! And most importantly, I was surprised by the cot-transformer. It is specifically designed to bring together a mother and a child. You can go to the baby from any side of the crib, and move her around the house thanks to wheels” – shared his impressions of the trip to the store for the children of Nelli Ermolaeva.

      Subscribers TV presenter were unanimous – such a picky and thorough approach to the selection of children’s cots can demonstrate those who are truly interested, that is expectant mothers. But because they immediately came to the conclusion that Nelly is expecting a child, and began to congratulate her on a good position.

      “I think it is a direct hint”, “Congratulations! Caught red-handed!”, “Nelly honey, congratulations. When I’m not waiting for her daughter in these stores did not go”, “Oh, I think the reason Nellie is considering a crib for the baby, the happiness of your family!” “Nellie are you ready? Good luck! Children this happiness!”, “I’ve been writing that she is pregnant a month ago. Has long been noticeable. And all the old pictures puts it” – discuss the news of the possible imminent addition to the family Nelly Ermolaeva and her husband Kirill Andreev. The star herself speculation of his followers has not commented, but reserved the right to announce the pregnancy when she deems it necessary.

      By the way, not long ago Nelly Ermolaeva in an interview with “StarHit” admitted that she and her husband are seriously thinking about children and would like them to have twins.

      “Ideally, I would like twins, – said the presenter. – We with Cyril found that he had, and in my family were born twins. We thought – and may well coincide, and we will have twins? And if you are born a boy and a girl – it would be wonderful.”