Nelly Ermolaeva provokes fans of the naked body

Нелли Ермолаева провоцирует фанатов обнаженным телом The presenter immediately put a stop to the criticism. She answered possible questions about the attitude of your spouse to such personnel. Nelly Ermolaeva did not hesitate to appear before the public without clothes.

      Presenter Nelly Ermolaeva decided to treat their fans with a provocative picture. Girl fully stripped on camera, however, decided to pose exclusively with his back to the photographer. Nelly was immediately shielded from possible caustic review of enemies who could overwhelm her with questions about how applies to such provocative photos of her husband Kirill Andreev. She warned that her husband was aware of the fact that this frame gets into the social network, moreover, that he took this photo of his wife.

      “Many are jumping the eyes of the orbits, the question arises: “How can you put a photo? You’re married!” The answer is right. Husband took pictures of himself. Said I morning very pretty and delicate. Yes, and we live as if not in the 18th century. Yes, and who will start now to look for the photoshop, don’t bother! It is not! You can even see my little scar. In short, my people I wish you a nice day. I’m off in thought,” – wrote in the microblog Ermolaeva.

      Fans found nothing reprehensible pictures Ermolaeva and only rushed with compliments in her address. They recognized that Nellie is a beautiful figure, which is not ashamed to show from this angle.

      “The figure is something to be proud of”, “see Nothing to be ashamed of in this photo. Nelly, a super photo”, “You’re fantastically attractive and beautiful. In the photo you – high”, “Gorgeous, divine, sexy, delicate, feminine! Admire!” – never ceased to admire the followers of the presenter.

      Nelly Ermolaeva and Kirill Andreev got married a little over a year ago. They’re trying to make pleasant surprises, travel a lot and strongly support the initiatives of each other. The TV presenter admitted “StarHit” that after the wedding, she feels more confident because he knows that the husband will always be there. Nelly Ermolaeva: “I Hope to give birth to twins!”

      “I believe that after the wedding the way we look at relationships. They are not so when you just meet. I don’t understand those who live together for ten years and not painted. It seems like nothing will change with a stamp in the passport, but, in my opinion, the human brain is programmed so that people need to create a family, it is inherent in us genetically. And yet – I am very healthy, but now I can relax knowing that beside me is my husband. It can solve the problem, to help with some chores,” said Nelly in an interview.