Nelly Ermolaeva postpone the wedding because of Philip Kirkorov

Нелли Ермолаева откладывает свадьбу из-за Филиппа Киркорова Former member of “House-2” decided to choose a date for the celebration, the ceremony was able to attend all the guests. Nelly Ermolaeva is going to organize a chic original celebration.

      Нелли Ермолаева откладывает свадьбу из-за Филиппа Киркорова

      Former member of the project “Dom-2”, and now a popular TV presenter Nelli Ermolaeva preparing for the wedding with her fiance Kirill Andreev. Like all lovers, now steam thinks all the details of the wedding. However, the TV presenter and her partner try to choose a day to all the honorable guests were able to attend their celebration.

      “We have a wedding date, but I still won’t sound. Philip (we are very good friends, and would love to present at the event) said that in April – lent, and in may – the Eurovision song contest, so these months we have excluded”, – shared his thoughts Ermolaeva.

      But at the wedding of Nellie and Cyril will, of course, not only celebrity guests. Ermolaeva plans that will come to her relatives and friends from Samara, relatives of the groom from Tomsk, as well as colleagues and close friends from the project “Dom-2”.

      Nelly is dreaming about an original wedding to organise at the highest level. In order to hold a gorgeous ceremony Ermolaeva and her lover decided to call on a professional team, which has already collaborated with her friend. The TV host shared plans, what time the ceremony is going to replace two dresses. Moreover, the celebration will be original, but what awaits you, she has not yet reported.

      “Will slightly open a secret: since I love the show, and our celebration will be with show elements. you want everything to be straight “wow!”. I holiday man, love to do anything from the splash. My other dream is to play in a film, so the wedding will be in the genre of action and with Kirill we will perform the main roles in our “film”. This will be my first leading role,” dreams Ermolaeva.

      Now all my thoughts are occupied Nelly upcoming celebration. Former member of “House-2” dreams of family and even ready to leave for a while his career for the sake of having children.

      “The fact that my mom endured two difficult pregnancies – my sister and me. She had severe toxemia, and I probably passed. Of course, the medicine now works wonders, but I decided to postpone a bit this issue to organize your business that will allow you to work remotely, for example, if we decide to prepare for the birth of a child in Miami,” said Nelly in an interview with the magazine “the House-2”.

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