Нелли Ермолаева худеет после медового месяца

After an 18-week vacation, the presenter was forced to go on a strict diet.

Well done those who manage the vacation to lose weight. Most people are on vacation, on the contrary, allow yourself to forget about all the restrictions, there is everything and to move less. It seems that the second category applies Nelli Ermolaeva. And though their husband honeymoon passive is not called, the guys toured already several countries, but apparently, this did not prevent the couple to gain a few extra pounds.

Literally just got off the plane, Nelly Ermolaeva announced… no, not a hunger strike, but almost. The presenter had to go on a strict diet to prepare for the working season.

“The vacation close. And begin to drop extra pounds, signed photo from the gym Nelly. — Starting today, starting this journal #bread Nellie. I will tell and show about training, massage, nutrition”.

For Breakfast Ermolaeva now only eats oatmeal on the water, lunch – fish and vegetables on the grill.

“Good morning. Woke up again today at 6am. Start the day with diary #pulcinelli. For Breakfast oatmeal on the water.”

Diet presenter only lasts a couple of days, so results while Nelly is not showing off. The main thing – that her determination was enough for a long time. And the fans Ermolaeva already trying to dissuade her from such strict limits. “Where’s the weight? — surprised fans. — You’re always beautiful!”

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