Nelly Ermolaeva lose weight husband

Нелли Ермолаева худеет с мужем The presenter is confident that the joint passion strengthens the family. Nelly Ermolaeva noticed how enthusiastically her husband Kirill Andreev sports, and therefore decided to follow his example. She tries to limit myself in food and not allow to eat too much candy.

      Popular leading music channel RU.TV Nelly Ermolaeva was to closely monitor my weight and decided to devote time to sports training. Now she tries to regularly go to the gym to keep your figure in great shape. Ermolaeva admits that previously, she had no strong motivation to exhaust yourself with exercise, however, noticing how caught up in this process her husband Kirill Andreev, also decided to join the sport. She believes that joint activities strengthen family relationships.

      Nelly Ermolaeva: “I Hope to give birth to twins!”

      “Cyril, and I think it is more correct to do everything together. Of course, looking at Cyril, and then, I realized that you need to take your body. After the holidays I gained half to two kilograms, – told Nelly “StarHit”. Now I have a day training, gradually enter in this mode. One day the muscles relax and the end of the day I just can’t wait to go to class”.

      Ermolaeva admitted that he wanted to move to a system of proper diet and begin to exercise. But for a long time she could not find free time for this. Despite the fact that the presenter does not complain about her figure, she understands that it is necessary to keep yourself in shape.

      Yermolayev also trying to eat less junk food. The girl realizes that if let loose and let the gastronomic delights, it will have to spend more time in the gym.

      “I have a terrible sweet tooth! But when you crawl out of the hall without force, you know that if you eat a piece of cake, this will cost me additional training. It seems to me that in me programmed limit in food, because it often occurs automatically,” laughs Nelly.

      In early June, Nelly Ermolaeva and Kirill Andreev has played a beautiful wedding. However, the TV presenter admits that after the wedding their relationship has not changed. The girl is happy that after the appearance of the stamp in the passport they have not disappeared romance – husband continues to give her a pleasant surprise. Husband of Nelli Ermolaeva pampers her luxurious gifts

      “I believe that after the wedding the way we look at relationships. They are not so when you just meet. I don’t understand those who live together for ten years and not painted. It seems like nothing will change with a stamp in the passport, but, in my opinion, the human brain is programmed so that people need to create a family, it is inherent in us genetically. And yet – I am very healthy, but now I can relax knowing that beside me is my husband. It can solve the problem, to help with some cases,” said Nelly in an interview with “StarHit”.