Нелли Ермолаева устроила первую фотосессию новорожденному малышу The presenter tries to capture the first days of a child’s life. Nelly Ermolaeva took our son to a specialized photo Studio to create beautiful shots. Now she is waiting for the final images that will draw in the book.
Нелли Ермолаева устроила первую фотосессию новорожденному малышу

The ninth of February it became known that TV presenter and former contestant of reality show “Dom-2” Nelly Yermolayeva first became a mother. She gave her husband Kirill Andreev son, whom they named Myron. The baby was born in a clinic in the United States. In Miami the TV presenter went for a few months before the birth. Now she continues to reside abroad and tries to capture the first days of a child’s life. She arranged for the son of his first photo shoot. Nelly gave advice to fans on how best to survey.

“Photo shoot newborns are recommended to spend 5 to 10 days from birth, due to the physiology of the baby. The baby is sleeping most of the time, he does not respond to extraneous sounds, his body remembers the position in mom’s tummy, so many used poses while shooting him comfortable. We were shooting in a specialized Studio for newborns and babies. The Studio created the most comfortable conditions for the newborn, and take into account all the nuances,” – said Ermolaev.

The presenter explained that the room met all requirements for comfort baby – a certain temperature, sterile cots and steamed tissue. Nelly admitted that he had chosen fabulous images for my son and looking forward to the finished pictures to make the book a keepsake.

However, one frame she has published in the microblog. She covered her face with newborn baby with a smiley face. Apparently, Nelly began to receive negative feedback, and therefore decided to close the comments. Despite the fact that she does not hide her personal life and gladly shares the details, now she is very sensitive to the messages of the haters.

“I’m really happy and am in magic wool. For me, our aura is so crystal like slipper that I am cautious and very much protect! I’m not gonna let some chickens settle down and pitch a tent here! You wild people who will never understand why I close my baby face smiley (for example). I’m all clean and weed from the root. Okay, who writes the appropriate thing and trying to figure something out! But, when showered insults and stupidity – not in those doors knocked! This is our way of life, we live, breathe, want and do! If I’m doing something (believe me, consulted with doctors and they are allowed), not to the detriment of myself and my family I will be doing anything! Enough already! Really too much! Want to be friends with good and appropriate people” – was unhappy Ermolaeva.