Nelly Ermolaeva afraid for son’s health

Нелли Ермолаева боится за здоровье сына TV presenter caught a virus, became seriously ill and some days can’t get out of bed. Nelly Ermolaeva worried about her son, she doesn’t want to infect the two-month child.

Almost three months ago, the star of “House-2”, TV presenter, businesswoman and popular blogger Nelli Ermolaeva I first became a mom. She gave birth to her son Myron from her husband, businessman and restaurateur Kirill Andreev. The baby was born in the United States, in Miami.

31-year-old Nellie spent in America nearly four months and has now returned to Russia. But at home young mother got sick, caught a virus and felt so bad that a few days did not get out of bed. She announced this on his page in the social network.

Young woman most of all suffered from the fact that the risk of infecting her infant son. Nelly continues to breast-feed.

“I’m sick… Already the 4th day of feeling sick… Runny nose, sore throat, temperature 37 the most disgusting, and the ear shoots. Okay before when I was only responsible for myself … But now I have a son. Go in a gauze bandage constantly. Thank God that I am breastfeeding, and he has a good immune system. I know that if the temperature reaches 38 degrees, then feed that milk to the baby, as the temperature of reaction is accompanied by active production of antibodies, and the baby not coming down with a cold!” – posted by Nellie.

In this situation, the young mother has the support of the parents, they take care of sick daughter and help with the baby. Due to the fact that Nellie is a nursing mother, she treated folk remedies. “Parents care and I feel small. As a child, flying legs with mustard and a lot of different lotions that you can apply for nursing mothers. Not all medications is now possible for me. In short, the state is not very much. I have the habit of bed rest,” wrote Nellie.

Internet users want Ermolaeva speedy recovery and share their experience.

“Nellie, get well soon, I too with the kids sick I have infected them. Infection nasty such a long time”, “in throat and nose miramistina spray, candles and ointment Viferon (children’s dosage), paracetamol, after feeding, lots of water and if the temperature rises, the spark children’s Nurofen”, “breast Feeding is possible under even high temperature, get well!” – wrote Nelly followers.

Yermolayev also admitted that he is very attached to her baby, and despite the infection and the ability to “cheer”, can’t get away from your son. “I’m so strange that now I have more than six hands. Grandparents constantly Mirocha, and I thought I can sleep , take a bath, errands to run, and finally to be ill to lie down. But still can’t stay long from him! Wanted to feel, to listen to your soul… Without it, I’m not happy! Seriously ! Somehow not calm me. Maybe it is, then gradually pass it anxiety. I want to be with him, to hug, to kiss and to be on hand. Will wear, who would not say that! He’s the small, plump, sweet and clever. We will soon three months will be,” wrote Nelli Ermolaeva.