Нелидовский кровельный завод зафиксировал рост продаж сэндвич-панелей на 30% в 2016 году

Nelidovskiy factory roofing http://nelidovokrz.ru/ does not stop work on improving production technology and product sales. And these actions provide noticeable results. So, last year we managed to increase the sales of the sandwich paneley by as much as 30%.

The increase in sales of the products did not happen by chance. It was influenced by several factors, chief of which is the incessant growth of interest among builders to this material.

Sandwich panels — a practical construction material. It is convenient to install, has long life, has high fire resistance and, very importantly, is cheaper than many other products with similar characteristics. Therefore, in the construction market every year becomes less and less companies that do not use sandwich panels.

But that’s not the only reason for the growth of sales. To achieve such performance specialistenregister roofing plant spent a lot of time for research aimed at improving product quality and reducing its cost. Appropriate action has allowed us to increase our client base and increase the loyalty of customers who periodically or regularly order from us materials.

Have done and the marketing Department. Specialists in public relations last year did a good job and managed to bring to the consumers the right information, prove to them the usefulness of products and a high level of our company.

Due to the increase of sales volume of the considered material, in the near future we will be able to make their products even better, and prices — below. Of course, this is not the last such rapid growth in the history of our company, which will be beneficial both to the company and its customers.

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