Neighbors Kim heard the sounds of a robbery

Соседи Ким не слышали звуков ограбления

While many fans and stars sorry Kim Karadshianlost during the robbery of a Parisian jewelry for 10 million dollars, journalists are developing conspiracy theories of the incident, suspecting the star that the robbery she planned.

Соседи Ким не слышали звуков ограбления
Recall that five armed men in police suits raided the room Kim at three in the morning. If you believe the insiders that Kim personally, told me how it happened, Kardashian screamed in horror, until he saw the gun aimed at her. All the time that the robbers were in the room, the reality star was crying hysterically, and then, almost before leaving, the thieves closed her mouth gagged, and hands handcuffed.
In three hours of the night the neighbors heard what was going on in the next room is a mystery. It’s not a third-rate Motel with a visiting not clear by whom, and the hotel Pourtales in the centre of the French capital.

The police questioned all the neighbors, but they did not hear any sound and did not even know that next to Rob American TV star.
But friends of Kim I think that she already knows who planned a daring attack, because that she would be left alone without protection in the evening (bodyparty accompanied the Kardashian sisters Kendall and Kylie at the club) knew only a few people.
A former bodyguard of Kim Steve Sallis said he was not surprised that she was robbed because her husband Kanye West always superficial attitude to their security. He said that once had to escort Kanye out of the restaurant, but he had collected a car full of friends, and the place of the bodyguard left, and West told him to take a taxi and follow them.
“The strange thing – you Shine the jewels, which are worth millions of dollars, but don’t want to spend 3-4 thousand, so that these decorations remained in you” — criticizes Kim and Kanye Steve. Fired his way, because of the criticism about the Indian giving couple.