Соседи Эвелины Бледанс едва не стали жертвами пожара On the eve of the cottage, where the star, the fire broke out. Evelina Bledans told that because of bad weather she had a bad dream and literally had a presentiment of misfortune.
Соседи Эвелины Бледанс едва не стали жертвами пожара

Changeable Moscow weather has caused not a little afraid of Evelina Bledans. As told 49-year-old TV star, last night there was a fire at her neighbors. Fortunately, during incident nobody has suffered.

“Tonight I felt real horror. Kind of never really afraid of storms, but waking up in the night from the noise of the unreal power of the shower, I shook from the thunder. I pressed into the bed, and it seemed to me that my whole house is going to collapse from these impacts. Was so scared I wanted to cry from impotence. Then it seemed to me that there’s a fire, and he began. Neighbors. Throughout the village went the smell of burning,” – shared the actress.

Recently Evelina literally stalking threat occurrence. Recently, her son Simon almost died choking on a metal wrapper from a chocolate coin.

“His chocolate began to go out together with blood from his throat. I only then realized that he ate one half of a chocolate coin. I took a napkin, bent it, tapped on the back. Cried, coughed. The wrapper came out twisted with a sharp stick, had to be careful to pull out. It was very scary. These things teach children not to do it” – shared Evelina with “StarHit”.
Соседи Эвелины Бледанс едва не стали жертвами пожара

Now the woman takes care of her son the Seeds, which the doctors from birth was diagnosed with down syndrome. In September last year Bledans announced the breakup with her husband. Despite the breakup with his wife, Alex is also involved with raising Seeds. The boy often spends with dad for a few days.

TV star experienced a painful breakup with her husband and at that time was frequently the guest of night clubs and strip bars.

“In the face of strippers are generally not allowed to look. Just as a rule, they have dull eyes, dull. Therefore, in glasses, masks or even blindfold them so much better! In General, moderately muscular body, pumped by some natural method, I like. But it should not be excessive and the man this should not non-stop to admire themselves,” shared the celebrity.