Neighbors Beckham took retribution from them for the inconvenience

Соседи Бекхэмов отомстили им за неудобства

Despite news of the possible troubles in the family , Victoria and David Beckham, the reconstruction of their homes in London continues, but now at a slower pace. And it’s not sluggishness of the workers, and that now many of the neighbors took over the rebuilding of their own homes, and a stellar family now felt on their own skin, what the inconvenience can create traffic jams and constant noise from construction.

The reconstruction of his new home, the Beckhams are doing here for three years. In his London mansion, Victoria and David had to reconstruct six bedrooms, finish gym, powder room and wine cellar.
From the beginning of the reconstruction of the house the neighbors began to complain about the noise and constant traffic because of construction vehicles, which goes to the house of celebrities. Of ground vibrations, noise, traffic and dirt made life unbearable neighbors and they even complained to the local authorities on their neighbors, and some of them even had to go to the relevant services because of the huge number of mice, rushing in different directions from the house of Beckham.
Now the street on which you plan to live the Beckhams are like a construction site. Neighbors celebrities also decided to do their homes, and now to the house of Victoria and David is almost not to drive. Constant traffic jams make it difficult and slow repair work, and that brings Victoria out of himself, and the presence of a huge number of unknown people around the house prompted the Beckhams to the construction of the hopper and increase home security.