Need similar model: Fedor Smolov again meets up with fashion model from Rostov

Нужна похожая модель: Федор Смолов снова встречается с манекенщицей из Ростова
The former civil husband of Victoria Lopyreva dancing on the rake.


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Ex-husband of “Miss Russia-2003” Victoria Lopyreva, football player Fedor Smolov scored another goal against her pride. Two years ago after parting with
model that was born and grew up in Rostov, he spun a passionate affair with her
countrywoman, is also a fashion model. After the end of the confederations Cup, Fyodor published
in the microblog photo with his new girlfriend. It was the 26-year-old model
Yulia Levchenko, fatal brunette for life which followed 167 thousand followers
her Instagram. Julia was rooting for Fedor in the Cup.

It is known that Levchenko graduated from the Rostov economic
University on a speciality the financier, and then was editor of a glossy
log in Novocherkassk.

About why some time ago Lopyreva and Smolov broke and not putting
in passport stamps, fans of Theodore and Victoria are thinking so far.
Recall that the model then made a loud statement that her husband,
in fact, he is still a child, and he’s not ready for adult life. Later, Fyodor said,
that he was very surprised by the statements of lopyrevoy in his address: “I used
to think that all that God does all for the best. Yes, the wording I very
surprised. Well, what can I do? Not my own words. I thought in three years
what I loved, I deserve to at least be able to avoid such
remarks, it was possible simply to announce that parted, and all without

Recall that the couple got married on December 16, 2013, a novel
Victoria Lopyreva and Fedor Smolov began in late 2012. The ceremony
the marriage of the stars was held on the island of Bali. According to the Russian legislation
the model and the footballer were not officially husband and wife.

Fedor Smolov and Victoria Lopyreva

Photo: “7 Days”