Navka showed in shape dreams

Навка показала спортивную форму мечты

This, however, is not about body shape but about sports apparel. Dream skater has become a reality. Bosco released a beautiful Olympic uniforms in the spirit of the Russian avant-garde.

The Bosco company has officially introduced a new form of the Russian Olympic team at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. The design collection was developed on the basis of creativity of the great Russian avant-gardists Malevich and Kandinsky and the constructivists Rodchenko and Stepanova. Their ideas, the strokes, the techniques still used in contemporary fashion. And now they were joined by more and sports world.

“Vanguard requires to be ahead of others in this form need to be ahead, – the President of the Russian Olympic Committee, IOC member Alexander Zhukov. — Sure, in Rio, our team will not only be your most beautiful, but also show a great result!”

The set includes three of the tracksuit, a large number of t-shirts, t-shirts and shorts for everyday wear, as well as numerous accessories: caps, backpacks, bags. Interestingly, Bosco takes into account the individual characteristics of all athletes, for example, they have the smallest for gymnasts is designed for the height of 1.35 m, and the largest for volleyball players – on the rise to 2.20 m.

Since the Games will be held in the southern hemisphere in the winter season, the set includes insulated a little more stuff than usual at the summer Olympics, and windproof elements in case of rainy weather.

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“In childhood Olympic form has always been my big dream. I wanted beautiful, with a flag like with Olympians and senior fellow at the rink! — recognized Olympic champion in ice dancing Tatiana Navka. — And today that dream is so easy to implement – you can go to the store and buy a form. And she can not leave indifferent. Team Russia will exactly replenished by young, active, fashionable fans. And even, hopefully, the Champions of the future!”

“When you represent a country, it is important everything is configured as you feel, how you look,” adds silver medalist of the Olympic games on hockey Pavel Bure. The whole world is watching you and you look into the stands. In such a visible, recognizable form just feel a unity with the fans, will become part of one big team.”

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