Навка устроила роскошную вечеринку в день рождения дочери

On the two-year celebration of the birthday girl lit up Anna Semenovich, Jasmine and Alika Smekhova.

Celebration on the occasion of the birthday of Nadya famous figure skater staged in Sochi (here the athlete performs in the show “Carmen”).

Dee barely two year old baby remember this action, but fans of star family certainly impressed. And no wonder. Judging by the photos and videos hit the net, the party turned out just gorgeous. Jasmine, Anna Semenovich, Alika Smekhova… It is only those who fell into the lens of the camera, but about the complete star list of guests, we can only guess.

But using the same movies from the Internet it is easy to imagine the scale of fun. In celebrity guests and entertainers in costumes of cartoon animals with pleasure otplyasyvali with the song “Chunga-Changa”. The birthday girl, of course, spinning in a luxurious outfit in the center of the dance, and the ceiling meanwhile is falling colorful confetti.

Tatiana for the holiday chose a more modest outfit than my daughter, which is understandable, because Nadia is the main star of the evening. So mom brought the classic dress shirt coral color.

The dad of the birthday girl – the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov in the frame were not seen, but probably were present on the occasion…

About gifts for the baby, Tatiana was not told, but knowing, like a figure skater likes to post photos of my daughter, I have no doubt that soon we will see a detailed report from the day of birth.

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