Навка и Башаров рассказали о будущем своих маленьких детей
Celebrities have already decided the professions of their heirs.

Навка и Башаров рассказали о будущем своих маленьких детей

Marat Basharov

Photo: Instagram.com

It seems that fashion at one time among the heirs of the stars of domestic show-business profession, singers and models are gradually giving way to more sports fields. Recently in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” Marat Basharov has admitted that he dreams to grow from their still very tiny son, Marcel, in the future, successful hockey player. “My mother must be about four at the rink brought. So Lisa and surrender of Marseilles about the same age!” he said. By the way, hockey is preparing his son and Stanislav Yarushin.

By the way, the life of Marat could have turned out very differently. Basharov in childhood dreamed of becoming a hockey star, and marched confidently towards his dream. But the injury suddenly unleashed all his plans. The actor admits that even building a successful career as an actor, has a weakness to ice hockey. Road to professional sports were closed to him, but he still takes part in Amateur matches and believes hockey coaching thing more important than the rehearsal in the theater.

Tatiana Navka with her daughter Nadia

Photo: @tatiana_navka (Instagram Tatiana Navka)

But Tatyana Navka, it seems, intends to give little daughter — Nadia in ballet. This she shared with fans in his microblog. “Who knows, maybe someday a daughter realizes her mother’s dream to dance Swan!” — she signed the picture, which her successor appeared in “the Swan.” By the way, the eldest daughter Tatiana, like her mother, grew up a real athlete. Sasha many years of his life to tennis, but not so long due to injury was forced to finish his career.