Навигаторы в такси заговорят голосом Ольги Бузовой
A major hit is expected to be the phrase, “People didn’t believe, but I found a shorter route”.

Olga Buzova

British scientists have not yet uncovered the phenomenon of Olga Buzova, but fans
I suspect that she’s not sleeping at all. In between endless tours,
the music videos, commercial photo shoots, she manages to open
new business projects, start their own currency, to produce a personalized line
clothing. Further — more. It became known that since August, users
“Yandex.Navigator” will be able to change the default voice to the voice of Olga Buzova.

The developers have replaced some of the standard navigation phrase. For example,
instead of the classic “found a quicker route” will sound like a line from
songs artist: “People didn’t believe, but I found a shorter route”.

Just as the voice of more than 100 phrases recorded about four hours, according to
the portal Super.

Earlier in the service has been added to the voice Fyodor Bondarchuk, Garik Kharlamov, Basta, Vasily Utkin. Olga Buzova — who would doubt — became the first woman to
the voice Navigator.

Taxi customers loved most of the voice acting of a novel: he voiced about 190
words and phrases. In the final version 120, from which the device automatically
is hints. If the voice Vasily Utkin was timed to the Olympic
games, the voice of Fyodor
Bondarchuk is associated with the domestic premiere of the sci-Fi blockbuster
“Attraction”. “The route of a novel” began with the phrase: “hi, I’m
Fyodor Bondarchuk. Director your routes and new movie “Gravity.” Below
to tell people about the film, some of the phrases are voiced in the Director’s
style. For example, “You left the route, it’s not scripted” and Fedor
warns of speed cameras: “in Front of the Camera. careful, you
shoot close up.”