Native Zhanna Friske still failed to congratulate Plato happy birthday

Родным Жанны Фриске все-таки не удалось поздравить Платона с днем рождения

The birthday of Plato, the son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev – relatives from mother’s side tried to negotiate with the other party about the meeting to congratulate the baby, but, as it turned out, they did not succeed.

The scandal, which lasts for almost a year between families Shepelev and Friske is known to all. It is the contention of relatives stood in the way of the fact that the third birthday of Plato grandma, grandpa and aunt are unable to see the boy and congratulate him.

Родным Жанны Фриске все-таки не удалось поздравить Платона с днем рождения

“I would but… I sent greetings to the Platosha — sent him a message. There is no other way. I was very hurt…” — said Vladimir Borisovich (the grandfather of Plato) with journalists.

Access to the child was denied and other members of the Friske family, so they had to settle for old photos of the child and his congratulations via social networks.

Younger sister Jeanne Friske posted on Instagram a collage of photos and left this comment: “my Beloved boy, I congratulate you happy birthday! You have me so clever,I love you so much. Thank you SIS for such a beautiful baby!!! Plitochka,to grow up healthy, smart boy! Listen to your elders learn well, may you be surrounded only by good people. Let you every day the sun is shining, I wish you a lot of friends and remember, your nanny loves you more than life!!” (Spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. ed.).

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