Родные Жанны Фриске получили новое решение суда Mom and dad refused to consider the case. For almost three years, “Rusfond”, family Friske and Dmitry Shepelev cannot restore the chain of events associated with the withdrawal of money from the account. Huge amount of almost 22 million rubles disappeared without a trace.
Родные Жанны Фриске получили новое решение суда

In mid-June 2015 passed away singer Zhanna Friske. She was diagnosed with cancer, and to save the artist rushed the whole country. Charity organization “Rusfond” collected funds that are listed on the caring treatment of Jeanne. Despite the fact that Friske was a huge amount of money in order to save life failed. After that, parents and civil husband Dmitry Shepelev began an endless series of lawsuits and hearings.

Not long ago, the servants of Themis have decided to recover from the direct heirs of the singer about 22 million rubles. Mom and dad artist Vladimir Borisovich, and Olga, did not agree with the decision, and therefore wanted the matter considered on the merits in the court of cassation. However, they were refused.

Родные Жанны Фриске получили новое решение суда

Now the Friske family, her husband and son are threatened by deprivation of property – in order to cover the debt, the estate can put up for sale. We are talking about land in the village of Kryukovo district of Istra, Istrinsky district, and located at this site. Experts have already evaluated and the verdict that is announced in the court order of 20 April. The property of the parents of Jeanne Friske put up for auction

“To determine the market value of the property owned by Friske, J. V. at the time of her death and passed according to the materials of the hereditary cases the property of the defendants, the court appointed the case court evaluation… examination According to expert opinion, the value is inherited by the defendants of the property is 91.246.502,00 rubles”, – stated in the documents.

The case of the missing millions with charity accounts “Rusfond” baffled all parties to the conflict. Dmitry Shepelev is angry because his son was obliged as the heir to pay part of the amount. Parents and common-law spouse accuse each other of inappropriate withdrawals from the account. The organization, in turn, wants to report on the collected funds or return them to help others in need.