Родных Жанны Фриске обязали вернуть 21 миллион рублей In Moscow the next session under the claim “Rusfond”, which the court dismissed the petition of the representatives of the family of the actress and her son Plato Shepeleva. Today issued a decision in which the heir to the singer and her parents must transfer the funds of the organization not spent on celebrity treatment.
Родных Жанны Фриске обязали вернуть 21 миллион рублей

On Friday, may 19, in Perovsky court of Moscow held a hearing on the suit “Rusfond” about collecting from the family of Jeanne Friske funds collected on medical assistance to the deceased star. Journalists have reported that relatives of the performer is obliged to return the amount of 21.6 million rubles, which were spent for treatment of the singer.

The father of Zhanna Friske on the assessment of its property: “Flat to touch do not give!”

As the defendants were involved parents, Zhanna Friske – Vladimir Ivanov and Olga, and also the son of actress Plato, which represents the interests of his father, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev. The parties requested to terminate the proceedings, arguing the claim of the charity Fund illegal and improper.

According to correspondents, the representative of Plato Shepeleva noted that the plaintiff did not provide objective evidence, so he had no grounds for appeal to the court. “The money sought to recover “Rusfond”, were transferred to a separate and not a personal account of a Series and not mixed with her personal money,” – said the lawyer. As stated by the lawyer two weeks before the death of a star her mother had cashed the funds, and this is documented.

Родных Жанны Фриске обязали вернуть 21 миллион рублей

However, the court refused to dismiss the proceedings on the claim to the relatives of Jeanne Friske, and to assign examination. “Dismiss,” said judge Sergei Sevostianov.

Recall that the solution to the “Rusfond” to recover from the family of the famous singer millions not spent on her treatment, it became known in January of this year. Then on the organization’s website appeared a message that its representatives explained why he went to such a step. “We deeply mourn the death of Jeanne. Appeal to the court in this situation – the measure is only a necessary, but necessary in order to clarify the fate of the donations, the remaining unutilized, it is possible to return them and to guide treatment of critically ill children,” was written on the Foundation’s website.

Later, the judge asked the relatives of the stars to make a Deposit with the court the amount of 21.6 million rubles for a period of two weeks. But lawyers for the family of Jeanne Friske rejected this proposal. During the conversation with “StarHit” the father of the actress Vladimir Borisovich said that they have no obligation to transfer funds. “The case is confusing. The process will last at least another six months,” said Friske in March. Vladimir Friske: “We are not obliged to pay 21 million on Deposit with the court”

At the moment the representatives of the family of the singer continues to deny all claims. It is expected that they will appeal against the decision, reports TASS.