Native Tsyganova turned away from him because of the baby Snigir

Родные Цыганова отвернулись от него из-за ребенка Снигирь Brother of Irina Leonova told about how their family survived the betrayal Tsyganova. According to men, mothers with many children now having a hard time, because she is raising seven children and works a lot.

      Родные Цыганова отвернулись от него из-за ребенка Снигирь
      Родные Цыганова отвернулись от него из-за ребенка Снигирь

      Family life star of the movie “the Thaw” in the spotlight for six months. The actor has left the civil wife Irina Leonova, pregnant with a seventh child to our colleagues Yulia Snigir, who bore him a son Theodore in March of this year. Now he dedicates new baby and sweetheart, which has already returned to secular life, but to go to work in no hurry.

      “In the theater too early, you might wanna start with the new season – says the “Starite” Snigir. – Regarding the continuation of the series “Great” yet news there. There are other options, scenarios, I consider them”.

      Tsyganov supports Julia, helps in everyday life: walking for food, diapers. Former civil wife has a much harder – she was back on stage. Recently, Leonov began rehearsals Regani role in the play “King Lear” at the Maly theater.

      “The Ira is not one of those who gives up, says “StarHit” her brother Vladimir Leonov, who lives in Tallinn. She’s planning to appear a lot, playing in the theater, to raise children. Soon seniors will be a support for mom. Her family has not left. Even though we live in different countries, try to support. That year I came to visit – used to babysit his nephews, brought gifts. Parents in Moscow are, sitting with her grandchildren. Our mom and dad, of course, the first time turned away from Tsyganova. But sometimes you have to communicate, he is the father of the children… And they will never be born back – judge it, not judge”.

      The neighbors often can see actress while walking. “Sorry Ira, says “Starite,” neighbor Anna Mikhailova. – Hands on children lacks: one Shoe lace is undone, the second fell, crying, on the third hand is required, and there are employed: Ira’s daughter Vera is… She tries, but the attention and motherly love kids obviously lose. Babysitting no. The three children arranged in budgetary authority in the house is there with them for free and doing sports, and reading, the food. Kids she has, among other things, educated – say Hello, the door I always hoard. Their father, however, did not find anything”.

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