Native Khloe Kardashian want her cast of Tristan Thompson

Родные Хлои Кардашьян хотят, чтобы она бросила Тристана Томпсона

All the Kardashian family gathered in Cleveland to support Chloe Kardashian, which went into pre-term labor due to infidelity of her boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

Родные Хлои Кардашьян хотят, чтобы она бросила Тристана Томпсона

“Chris is in Cleveland and has a Chloe full support. Kim will arrive in the near future. Chloe is in a depressed emotional state, and they are trying to help her,” said the insider.

The source added that the infidelity of the beloved Chloe and the father of the newborn girl became for them a real shock. This behavior is inexcusable, so the star family wants Chloe stopped with Tristan any relationship. “Tristan angered the whole of the Kardashian family. Now the main thing for all of them — to bring Chloe home and not to endanger the baby. Her family believe that her best interests to end the relationship with Tristan, but in any case they will support her to do,” he added.

Early journalists conducted an investigation, giving details of the cheating player. On one of the videos Tristan appeared in the company of a mysterious brunette, with which he shared a hotel room, and then called for a party. She was a stripper, Lani Blair, and after it showed up and another alleged girlfriend of basketball — Instagram-model Stephanie. Says “star”, she was having an affair with her lover Kardashian and even resulted in a confirmation of the sex tape. Consequence of the affair was pregnancy, which she also said in the social network. However, soon the account with this information was deleted.
Insiders only add fuel to the fire and report that women like Stephanie were many: “None of his friends are not surprised, everyone knew that he was wrong Chloe. They do all cheat on their girlfriends, they don’t see anything special about it. Tristan from the beginning was wrong with Chloe and cheated on her constantly. He is a womanizer. And soon will emerge new details,” sources say.

Chloe herself is most likely in shock from the events and comments have yet been given. But insiders always aware of the situation. “She was happy when she found out about the pregnancy. Their relationship was perfect. She decided to be with him and fully trusted him, he became her whole world. They lived together and were happy. Chloe really believed that to her he is special — like a Queen. Tristan cared for her, pampered, literally worn on the hands and kept saying how beautiful she is. Everything was perfect! And in an instant all collapsed” — sharing insiders.