Native Enrique Iglesias told to whom like the children of the singer

Родные Энрике Иглесиаса рассказали, на кого похожи дети певца
The family opened a family secret famous singer.

Родные Энрике Иглесиаса рассказали, на кого похожи дети певца

Anna Kournikova with a child


Kids Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova
just a month and a half, and they have already become celebrities. Their first pictures,
which recently shared the happy parents, has led fans of the singer in
delight. And now relatives of Enrique told about how older twins.

The singer’s mother Isabel Preysler said: “My son
extremely happy. And his children just could not be better. In addition, they
grow phenomenally fast!”And sister Enrique Tamara told by someone
similar twins. She reported that Lucy had inherited his blond hair and blue
the eyes of his mother Anna. In this case, Nicholas, whose family name is “Niko”, much
darker than his sister, and he had hair almost as dark as
father’s. And brother of singer Julio admiringly
told that Enrique is just amazing

Recall that Enrique and his girlfriend
Anna became parents, it became known in mid-December. Moreover, this news surprised
everything. After all, almost no one except the closest friends and relatives of the couple did not even know,
that Anna is pregnant. She managed somehow all of 9 months to hide from
paparazzo. Moreover, according to the mother of the singer, Kournikova allegedly not hiding
specially. “She just led a quiet life at home…” said Isabel. As already
it was reported earlier, Anna and Enrique, who began Dating in 2001, were well prepared for the advent of the children: while
Kournikova was carrying twins, they had a reconstruction of his house in Miami,
making it completely safe for children.

Enrique Iglesias with a child