Native blood is thicker than water: children who are not admitted star parents

Кровь родная - не водица: дети, которых не признали звездные родители Actors and musicians don’t always boast a warm family relations. One soul is not chayat their heirs, from the cradle giving them a “Royal” life. Others mercilessly forget about kids in favor of a career or a new marriage for decades without communicating with sons and daughters. “StarHit” decided to tell you about those famous personalities that the heirs can only think of biological parents.
Кровь родная - не водица: дети, которых не признали звездные родители

Alexander Malinin, daughter of Cyrus

Singer Alexander Malinin could not establish a relationship with his daughter Kira. She was born after the musician divorced his first wife Olga Zarubina. The first celebrity I saw grown-up heiress when she turned 24.

Communication between relatives turned out stretched. The star was disappointed vagrant way of life of his child and even tried to help her get an education, rent an apartment, but she refused such care.

Last year, family secrets Malinin became known throughout the country, when Olga Zarubina conducted a DNA test and decided to prove popular father that Kira is really his own daughter. The laboratory results were announced publicly during a television talk show, but to establish family, to trusts that did not help.

Кровь родная - не водица: дети, которых не признали звездные родители

Yuri Smirnov, the son of Maxim

Actor Yury Smirnov, the well-known for the film “Eternal call” and “Bumbarash”, to establish contact with the native son will not be easy. Two years ago, the scandal of blood relatives, who brought them to court, watched by the whole country.

Кровь родная - не водица: дети, которых не признали звездные родители

The son of the actor Maxim accused his parents in the infamous betrayal – that Smirnov rewrote the apartment, which was supposed to depart at will from his uncle.

Yuri has repeatedly spoken out in the press, explaining that such was the will of his deceased brother – write property, two-bedroom apartment in a residential area of Moscow to him, not nephew, who did not communicate with his uncle. In the course of court proceedings even experienced lawyers were surprised by the rude attitude and insulting statements that were released by the plaintiff in respect of its parent. By the way, the judges considered the case in favor of the defendant, Yuri Smirnov. Close relatives do not communicate to this day.

Alexander Serov, daughter of Christy

A few years ago it became known that the famous singer is the illegitimate daughter Christie. Family secrets came to the public because of the scandal, which gave the mother 28-year-old girl.

She had the procedure and DNA presented in court for proof of paternity of a musician. The main goal of plaintiff was to claim 110 million rubles from the artist for the previously unpaid child support. The star of the show-business were perplexed and in all the interviews said that he did not know these two ladies. However, to participate in the process Serov had against his will.

“A DNA test is a provocation, why did I go there? It is a mystic right kind. For that she requires the money? I don’t understand. 110 million is half a million euros. I haven’t talked to her and will not talk. This child is a victim of mom are idiots,” said in an interview with “StarHit” Serov.

Despite all the evidence, the musician recognizes his only daughter Michelle, who was born in marriage with ex-wife Elena. The star of the show business asked the court to conduct additional diligence with regard to sudden daughter and establish a relationship with Christie, apparently, is not going to.

Кровь родная - не водица: дети, которых не признали звездные родители

Alexander Semchev, the son of Paul

Fate pushed the artist with a bastard child on television in one of the talk shows. When the actor was congratulated on the 45th anniversary, there was his son, 22-year-old Paul. It was obvious that the boy never talked with his father.

Кровь родная - не водица: дети, которых не признали звездные родители

Alexander couldn’t hide his disappointment from the appearance of the son, and from what is disliked for him the subject is of such public interest. It should be noted that the heir did not mean their star parent for any compensation or payment. Apparently the son wanted to just establish a relationship with Semchev. But it was impossible. The actor only tried dry to answer the questions of the host and explained that I was too young when he became a father, what was absolutely not ready.

Yuri Stoyanov, sons Alex and Nicholas

The actor literally disowned his adult children from his first marriage, Alexei and Nicholas. Their heirs, the artist calls the children of the spouse of Elena Stoyanova and two joint girls Ian and Catherine.

Кровь родная - не водица: дети, которых не признали звездные родители

Such cruelty on the part of the Pope has long offended young people and is navasheva attempts to establish contact, they decided to record the documents as the father of the husband of his mother. As told in the close environment Stoyanov, children have been unable to forgive him for breaking with mother Olga Stoyanova. Many years ago, Yuri made an attempt to talk to one of the sons, but the conversation did not happen. More star parent tried to seal the blood bond. Now he happily talks about his daughters, no mention of Alexei and Nicholas.

Alexander Tsekalo, the daughter of eve

The entertainer has a daughter Eva from his first marriage with Lolita. The girl was born shortly before his parents divorced. The doctors diagnosed her terrible diagnosis – autism.

Кровь родная - не водица: дети, которых не признали звездные родители

Perhaps this factor, and can be, strong employment Tsekalo influenced his indifferent attitude to the child. He’s not involved in her life. As told in one of an interview with “StarHit” Lolita, ex-husband only helped financially.

“Only in the first year after the divorce gave alimony to eve, ten thousand dollars. Apparently, once to 18 years,” explained Palladium.

It is known that the girl lives at the grandmother in Kiev. It periodically visits the star’s mother and father never seeks to build a relationship with the heiress.

Кровь родная - не водица: дети, которых не признали звездные родители

Natalya Fateyeva, a son Vladimir, daughter Natalia

Actress Natalia Fateeva lived life. The woman managed, despite a brilliant career and perpetual employment, to give birth to three children.

Кровь родная - не водица: дети, которых не признали звездные родители

And that would be commendable, if the artist was able to establish a relationship with at least one of them. Actions Fateeva shocking many who knew the family perepetui. In her youth she threw the little girl in Kharkov, where he studied at the theatre Institute and moved to Moscow. The girl was brought up by grandparents. About her Fateeva remembered many years later, solving the housing issue. To avoid sharing the apartment with her husband, she discharged the child from the apartment in the Ukraine and moved to Moscow. When the process of division of property ended, the actress sent the heiress back.

No less sad relationship with her younger daughter, Natalia. When the girl gave birth to a child, Fateeva insisted to give his grandson in a nursing Home. After such deeds, the son of Volodya himself renounced the mother. Despite the fact that he lives close to the parent to visit does not go. Children 82-year-old actress did not become her family.


Alexander Tolmatsky, the son of Decl

The strong relationship between Declan and his father, the famous producer Alexander Tolmatsky, cracked at the seams when dad decided to get a new family.

Despite the fact that the parent gave a rap-the musician ticket to the world of show business (the singer became famous thanks to producer), the heir was not able to forgive him. After all, dad had always instilled in him a sense of loyalty and devotion to the family, and then left mom to marry a second time.

To this day, the rapper tells her 12-year-old child to communicate with his grandfather. And Tolmatskogo not senior introduces his famous heir with his half brother and sister born of the second marriage.

Кровь родная - не водица: дети, которых не признали звездные родители

Sergey Plotnikov, the son of Ilya

Star of the TV series “COP in the law” Sergey Plotnikov could not establish a relationship with your firstborn. The actor has full understanding with the other four children.

Кровь родная - не водица: дети, которых не признали звездные родители

He gets along great with his sons Alexander, Sergei and Andrei, doted daughter Xenia. As the eldest heir disowned him. Even changed her last name and patronymic.

And all because of the fact that the actor became a father too early. Elijah was an unexpected child and was born when the star of the show was just starting to build his career. But we must pay tribute to the man. He is not going to forget blood. In early 2017 carpenters even dared to meet my son on one of the TV show to publicly apologize.

“I ask your forgiveness and your mother that I agreed to it, threw you in and let you go in Alma-ATU”, – said in the air of the famous actor.

While it is difficult to say whether the family to establish a relationship. Perhaps this will solve Ilya. He expressed the parent of all their grievances, recalled that her mother ran away from Plotnikov in Kazakhstan for many years Sergey has not helped them financially and even not interested in the life of his heir. Whether the young man to forgive famous parent and become his real family, time will tell.

Alexey Sidorov, the son of Leonid

Even more sadly, the situation with native son the Director “Brigade” Alexey Sidorov. He has an heir from his first marriage Leonid.

After the divorce with the child’s mother, the actor interrupted any communication with Lenya. This act left an imprint on the entire life of the boy.

The master left when the child was only 7 years old. The ex-wife began to abuse alcohol. The schoolboy was left alone and eventually gave it to the orphanage. Growing up, a young man literally copied the fates of the main heroes of the famous father’s of the series. He committed several crimes and eventually went to prison for 13 years for robbery, murder and rape. Today, the son did not become truly native to the famous Director.