Nation in shock: Anfisa Chekhov showed his Golden toilet

Народ в шоке: Анфиса Чехова показала свой золотой унитаз

The TV presenter has shared with fans a picture of her face.

Fans Chekhova used that often Anfisa share with them about their thoughts and gorgeous photos, or talks about the everyday life of the son of Solomon. And here Anfisa published the toilet! And not simple, but gold! And shocked the public.

So that subscribers are not bombarded with questions, He immediately explained that this Royal bathroom really belongs to her, but only in the film.

Now the TV presenter was in the film, apparently a Comedy, and plays in it herself, however, with pompous manners.

“That’s how the filmmakers imagine a bowl of stars. Play the movie itself, and in the view of the writers I live in a house on the ruble, writing in the Golden bowl snub and a maid-Uzbek. Life is not easy for Anfisa Chekhova,” wrote in a leading Magazine.

Photo Golden plumbing has caused a storm of debate in the comments. All confused… the tile in the bathroom!

Perhaps he became the chief subject of discussion. It’s like that? To the gold toilet seat and cheap tile?! Frank slipshod work!

Fans Anfisa so angered the designer’s work that they find cons in everything, even the seams between the tiles were uneven. You cannot sit on this “throne” when all around is no good.

In addition, fans of the stars advised the decorator of the film to put into the bathroom mirror in all growth. To walk so to walk! The heroine of the picture must admire his reflection on the Golden toilet.

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