Наташа Королева забрала 14-летнего сына из Америки
The singer surprised fans with an unexpected decision.

Natasha Queen and her son Arkhip

Photo: @natellanatella (Instagram Natalia Koroleva)

Natasha Koroleva, which some time ago conducted beloved son Arkhip to America for training, again met with him. However, the meeting place of the singer with the boy was very unexpected. As it became known, she decided to arrange the son of the Japanese holidays. At that time, as most domestic artists bask with their children on the most beautiful European and Russian resorts, the Queen decided not to waste time, 14-year-old Arkhip wasting and organized a rich program for the study of Japanese culture.

In the microblog Natasha already began to appear the first pictures taken in the journey to Tokyo. Incidentally, the artist’s son has already managed to try a local restaurant, a delicious national dish: shabu shabu. It consists of thinly sliced beef that the guests have to fry yourself in the boiling broth. “Divinely delicious!” — admitted Queen.

By the way, some time ago, Natasha came back from a trip to Italy, where, in the opinion of the fans, managed to gain a few extra pounds. This conclusion fans did after published photos of the actress, but she looked noticeably larger than usual. However, on returning home her expect to train hard under the guidance of her husband, who quickly correct the effects of summer vacation Natasha.

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