Natasha Queen from depression healed by the Holy brook

Наташу Королёву от депрессии излечил святой ручей

Cow her, preferably two. Another star of domestic show business has experienced a prolonged and severe depression. Who would have thought, but we are talking about giggler Natasha Koroleva< /strong>. The singer in a recent interview admitted that dealing with hopeless sadness and despair helped her husband Sergey Glushko and … the Holy brook.

Depression Natalia began at the turn of forty years. Despite a happy marriage and job, the artist began to notice that her cheerfulness disappears, and the world around her no longer interested. Indifferent start to deteriorate and was replaced by overwhelming sadness.
“I just had to reboot, find new sources of joy and strength. I tried to meditate, studied their health, a lot of things have altered – but I did not help. Once wounded, is not a deeply religious man, drove me to the Holy brook. Its temperature does not rise above four degrees. For the ritual I had three times to dive into it head first, which I did. And you know, I really really helped!
I have regained interest in life. The crisis changed activity, and I noticed changes in my attitudes. I realized how illusory material world, and how important the spiritual world” — shared his secret to Natalya.
Commented on the Queen and the scandal with the publication of her intimate photos. Recall that some scum stole from the archive of Natalia and Sergey intimate photos and published them on the web. Singer am absolutely disgusted by the filth of the act.
“We with Sergey, as any other spouses, have a right to everything, including sex. No one else in your intimate life, we are not allowed. But some unscrupulous people have stolen photos and videos, and others like them shamelessly bought it and was brought to public attention” — was indignant Queen.
Recall that even a state Duma Deputy Milonov wanted to ban Natalia at the legislative level to prohibit children to participate in activities, but, having dealt with the situation, changed the temper justice with mercy and has supported Natalia and Sergey.

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