Natasha Queen danced on the table

Наташа Королева станцевала на столе
Recently popular singer Natasha Koroleva has been the guest of the party in the famous resort Karlovy vary.

Наташа Королева станцевала на столе

On the occasion, the star had called her a close friend.

At some point Natasha is so relaxed that climbed on the table and start incendiary dance.

Наташа Королева станцевала на столе

The dance Queen was accompanied by the song in their own performance.

“When the company is great, and the hero of the festivities allows guests every whim, how can you resist not to sing right on the table! Julia, once again happy birthday! It was not forgotten!” – shared the star in the microblog.

Of course not all fans have approved such a trick the Queen.

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