Наташа Королёва будет судиться со Службой безопасности Украины

Court threatens popular Russian singer Natasha Koroleva, a native Ukrainian of Kiev, the security Service of Ukraine. The actress appealed to the court demanding to cancel the ban of the intelligence agencies of neighboring and hometown for her country. The Queen wants to see his elderly grandmother who does not have health and the opportunity to come to the granddaughter in Moscow. The hearing is to be held next spring.

We will remind that else in October, Natalie was denied entry to his homeland for five years. On hearing this, the Queen, to put it mildly, was shocked. In her statement, she bitterly complains that not able to come to his countrymen with a concert.
“Kyiv for me is not just his native city Kyiv is my soul! And the most important Kiev – people… kind, hospitable, wise,” she said. In the interview Natalia said that she is very worried that he could not visit her elderly grandmother, and if, God forbid, it will go to the other world, the Queen will not be able to bury her. Can’t now the artist and visit the grave of her beloved dad, who died many years ago from cancer. With him the actress has always been a very strong bond and, as recognized by Natasha in an interview, she was unable to accept the fact that it is no longer in the world.
“Pending in the district administrative court of Kyiv is the claim from the citizen of the Russian Federation Natalia Poryvai, which asks to recognize illegal and cancel the decision of the Ukrainian security Service banning her to enter the territory of Ukraine for the period of five years,” reads the statement of the press service of the district administrative court of Kiev.