Natasha Koroleva told why she had to give up fruit

Наташа Королева рассказала, почему ей пришлось отказаться от фруктов
Singer and TV presenter is sure: after 40 years, a woman must care for yourself very carefully.

Наташа Королева рассказала, почему ей пришлось отказаться от фруктов

Natasha Koroleva

Photo: Vadim Demyanenko

Natasha Koroleva told that now in the spring be sure to drink vitamins. “Maybe in 20 or even 30 years without this you can do, — said the singer. But when my age was closer to 40 years, I felt that my body needed help, and began to look for a doctor who would pick me complex vitamins that help to maintain performance. It costs nothing to “register” itself — not work, and even hurt. You can not go wrong only with vitamin D: in our Northern latitudes the sun is never too much. Take other vitamins you need really, considering gender, age, weight… well, now I’m at the end of winter pass complete blood count of the dozens of positions, including hormones. Based on these data, the doctor prescribes me vitamin-mineral complexes”.

The Queen is sure: natural vitamins — fruits and vegetables — now will not help, they are only able to worsen the health.
“Unfortunately, what is now in vegetable departments, brings little
use, — Natasha speaks. — I have never loved winter tomatoes and cucumbers for
“plastic” taste. And recently I bought a tester and found that in
most non-seasonal fruits and vegetables, content of nitrates and nitrites increased.
So all the time: tomatoes are best eaten in July-September, watermelons and
melons in September and October, persimmon in October–December. So it was in
the times of our childhood. Now many are gone from the calendar and
the result of eating chemicals “gifts of nature”.

Although in spring you can find a way out, if you can’t live without fruit. “Replace them with dried fruits! — persuades the Queen. — Instead of grapes — raisins instead of apricots — dried apricots. All
these useful things can be done at home, using
special drying. I’m going to buy it, but for now use that
have with my friends.”

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Natasha Koroleva


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