Natasha Koroleva told why he sent his son to America

Наташа Королева рассказала, почему отправила сына в Америку
The singer was hard decision to part with her son, but she was forced to do so.

With his son Archip and niece Sonia

Photo: Photographer NATALY STUART. Assistant Viktoria Isaeva

The son of Natasha Koroleva is the second year studying in America and coming to Moscow just for the holidays. Unlike many parents who all by hook or by crook tried to send their children to study abroad, the Queen is not a fan of this approach. “All these years I was strongly opposed to the child going abroad to study — explains Natasha. — I didn’t want to tear the son from the family or from Russian language, no country, no understanding of culture. Often in different countries and I see that when kids too young send somewhere far away, they come back home completely different”.

What made the successful singer still change my mind? The fact that the expensive Moscow private school where Arkhip, he studied, he started having problems. At first the boy showed good results. But a fifth-class parents began to understand what the child is manifestly not the program, although the class only 12 people. “Despite the fact that our Arkhip not only savvy, but also diligent, says the Queen. — He’ll never say, “No, I will not”. Very responsible boy like him, not like — if I have to, so he does it. So, Arkhip sat the night before and crammed because I was worried about the rating. And besides, he was tutoring! As grades in school became worse and worse: three of a kind, deuces…”

Natalia much because of it worried. Went to school, consulted with psychologists. But never received a clear answer what is going on. And then carefully delving into the curriculum and understood in full all items will be able to master the strength of one person from the class! The rest of the students are outsiders. “Such a system combing children with the same brush, as if everyone can succeed in physics, and Russian and history at the same time, — says the singer. — All those endless deuces underestimate the student’s assessment, discourage any desire to learn. And teachers do not seem to realize that children are different. No to support, maybe someday put the guy score higher — as a bonus for diligence, diligence… they will not wait! So why would I have such teaching for my money (not counting what I spend on Tutors), if as a result of study at archip some negative experiences?! In General, I started to ask a lot of questions that the school I was not able to give answers. And we said to the son finally lost interest in learning, it is necessary to change the school”.

In America, Natasha found for my son a school that uses a “tiered” system — the child masters the subject at your own pace and gradually transferred to a higher level. Arkhip lives with his grandmother — mom Natasha Ludmila Poryvai, which has long been settled in Miami. So detached from the family he does not feel. But at every opportunity, she tries her best to come to her son as much he misses the child.

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